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The Rhode Island Apple Group -- 
Rhode Island's First Apple Computer Club!         P.O.Box 387, East Greenwich, RI  02818-0387

The Rhode Island Apple Group (RIAG) is the Ocean State's premier support organization for users of ALL Apple and Apple OS computers - Apple II, Apple III, Lisa, Macintosh, and all clones using Apple Operating System software are welcome here. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing and disseminating information about the use of these wonderful machines with our friends and neighbors in southeastern New England. Benefits to members include:
  • Training and classes,
  • The monthly newsletter,
  • Access to our File Libraries (Apple II and Mac OS collections are extensive).

Featured Articles:

  • The May 2015 (and final) edition of RAG Times, the monthly newsletter of the Rhode Island Apple Group, is available here (Adobe Acrobat format).


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RIAG Officers

Photo of RIAG Presidents Mark and Russ at Dec 00 meeting

President *
Mark Rafferty
(401) 232-2023

Vice President *
Helen Anger
(401) 247-1457

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Newsletter Editor *
John Gentile
(401) 946-2486
President Emeritus *
David L. Angell
(401) 941-8934

* = Member of RIAG Board

Club Calendar

We have fun at our meetings! cheap bedroom furniture Fixing a G4 at our Dec 2000 meeting

Monthly Meeting - meets on the third Saturday each month unless otherwise noted. Contact Mark Rafferty for specific times and location.

RIAG Board - meets occasionally at a time and place to be determined. When meetings are scheduled, the membership is invited to attend..

Become a member of RIAG!

Membership in the Rhode Island Apple Group is FREE. Cheap at twice the price! For signup information, follow this link!

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